“Chi Master” is the first personal device for checking and correction of the vital forces of the body.

This device is based on the knowledge about the active points on the body. Over 25 years of research in this field, we have received convincing evidence that the system of acupuncture channels is a specific signal system of the body with which it is possible to monitor and control it. With this device the user is within 3-4 minutes to quantify the balance of ChI energy and to identify the agencies where the balance is disturbed. Using reference applications in the smartphone, through which this gadget, the user sees what the consequences can cause this imbalance and receives in aid to restore harmony in the body individually-calculated set of points to which you want apply the device ChiMaster to restore harmony and balance. This effect is the natural factor-the warmth, the functions of the individual body's needs - which eliminates the overdose and the use of influence "that point". Exposure is always done on the basis of an assessment of the current situation on the test. Thus we get a system of evaluation of the balance of ChI and its individual correction in a tiny cheap gadget that works via smartphone. Harmonizing your energy ChI in accordance with the Oriental concept of health you are protecting your body from various diseases and improve the quality of life. The test results simultaneously sent to the server, where each user has an individual database. This solution allows using mathematical analysis (correlation, regression, factor analysis, and NGO) to build individual models for more accurate therapeutic effects in certain points. In addition, if you have multiple tests in observation dynamics using the methods of Cosinor -analysis of possible assessment of individual biorhythms, including at the level of certain organs and physiological systems. All this allows to predict the state of the user for 1-2 days in advance and if possible kresovich States in advance to prevent them.

The test results via smartphone arrives at the server, where more detailed analyses. The server has a library of profiles of tests for different diseases. These profiles have a strong character and a unique configuration of values. Thus, by comparing these reference profiles with the profile of a new user network, we can reveal various diseases at the earliest stages as your fingerprint and then to prevent their development, using preventive harmonizing impact. Thus, the more users in the system - the more accurate diagnostic results. How the system works: The patient for 3-5 minutes making a test case yourself by using the educational information on the phone screen (shows points for testing, given its verbal description, etc.), as well as training programs on a disk or via the Internet. The test results are sent to your Smartphone first, and then the server to which your patients can access their physician. The doctor  can give advice to patient via phone or, in addition to the Council, to appoint a therapeutic effect on certain points that he chooses through the library server. Description and picture with a photo of the point immediately transferred to the patient and he produces the therapeutic effect of this device, which replaces the warming Moxa, traditionally used in TCM. After this procedure, after 15-20 minutes the patient can do a control test, the doctor assessed the results of such treatment. For the diagnosis of various diseases on the server has a library of different test profiles, which have high specificity for major diseases. Thus, the profiles of the test (24 digit code)-possible early diagnosis and treatment at the level of bioenergetics the most effective in the early stages of the disease, because according to the Oriental representations it is "Healthy ChI gives a healthy body and healthy mind". Thus, the more users the system has, the more accurate diagnosis due to the larger statistical sample. This device can be used for emergency treatment of various pain syndromes. For this we offer on your Smartphone to indicate a list of major pain syndromes (e.g. headache or knee). On the screen there is a picture with the localization of the points in this pathology. The user, using this application finds a painful spot in that area on the hands by pressing a probe on the end of the device.

 Another aspect of this system application is the forecasting of various problems based on the evaluation of biorhythms. Since the energy level of individual organs varies in waves princip with different period of oscillations is then estimating the parameters of these waves by means of Cosinor analysis can reveal 2-3 days ahead in time critical situations, when the result of the interference of the rhythms results in the state of bioenergy that generates crisis processes in the body. For example, hypertensive crisis, high blood sugar, acute pain in the stomach, etc. If 2-3 hours before the estimated time of crisis to make the corrective IR-impact of such incidents can be avoided. The technology is protected by 18 patents. To create harmonious energy basis in the body  can vary significantly depending on problems health. Sometimes it is enough 2-3 treatments to relieve migraine or get rid of a cold or sciatica. In severe chronic disease monitoring and correction may take several months, which allows data to call this gadget a real "family doctor." With this approach, disappear main manifestations of the disease, which becomes a stage for a long period of stable remission. Throughout the process, the user can observe changes of own health using mobile applications smartphone. Additionally, use device ChiMaster, you can monitor and harmonize their state after stress, flight, big piznarski, to strengthen sexual activity, to relieve fatigue at work, hangovers, etc. In this case, using a tried and tested scheme and the "Golden recipes" from the library on the server and the smartphone. In certain situations, assessment of the state via the DB access server can connect doctor who can give advice and recipes for treatment on the basis of their knowledge and experience.

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