Control of biological age and life potential of the body

The organism’s energy base is formed by the channels with a multilevel hierarchy of coordination. The ‘main energy dipole’ is on top of this pyramid, which gives an idea about the activity of Yang and Yin in the organism in the form of specific values. We discovered it in 1995 (13). The dipole is calculated as a relation between the activity of FIRE (Yang) channels and those of WATER (Yin), and in norm, when all the points on the channels are open, it is represented by the proportion of the golden cross section of 1.62 or 38% and 62%. To evaluate it, we have to determine total values of all FIRE channels and divide the sum by eight – according to the number of channels considering their two branches. Then we sum up the values of all WATER channels and divide the sum by four.


The relation of a number of BAP on the channels gives the golden cross section in the dipole.

The fire/water dipole can be calculated by the Merid software.

Two diagrams show the dipole changes in men and women differentially, depending on the age.

It is mainly the level of Yin energy, showing a potential reserve of vital energy in the organism, which changes as time goes by. The level of Yang energy usually shows insignificant changes.

The dipole will reach the highest level of Yin during puberty, and by the end of life, the relation of poles approaches the proportion of 50/50. In this case, according to the law of unity “unityand conflict of the opposites”, any vital activity gradually comes to a standstill and the organism turns into a static state typical of inorganic nature (2, 3). Contrary to men, the dipole changes more cyclic in women. In particular, in the period of 38 - 43 years, according to average statistics, essential hormonal changes occur, which correspond to the climacteric.

The syndrome of chronic fatigue and a decreased general resistance of the organism are observed most during the period mentioned above. The second average statistical “vulnerable period” in women takes place at about 60. The dipole state is influenced most by the level of WATER channels, though the most essential influence in men is exerted by Bl right and in women by Bl left. In essence, an individual’s longevity depends on these channels filling. It is characteristic that measurements of the dipole activity, when testing with a different intensity of IR-light, will show the same proportions. An individual’s dipole proportion is rather stable in time. Therefore, this value can be successfully used as one of the main criteria for estimating the health status. In the course of treatment, it is necessary to achieve “the proportion of the golden dipole” as this ideal energy proportion in the organism creates its harmony on all levels and will enhance resistance of the organism to sickness.

Dependence of “water” and “fire” channels on the age in women

12% per year

Bl left = 1.1% per year

Using the dipole evaluation and the left-to-right relations under the test, we have 2 global cross values, enabling an adequate evaluation of the basic energy adjustments in the organism. The determination of the pathology itself is based on evaluating the degree of symmetry-asymmetry in the organism, which also falls in the “golden cross section principle” and characterizes absolute harmony. Thus, for the first time, the organism state is evaluated not to notorious “corridors of standard” but based on the more fundamental laws of the Universe.

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