Chimaster smartphone application

Your health is in your hand:


  1. Smart/Intellectual/Rational/Intelligent(please chose between them or use your own) App: Smartphone app indicates accurate acupuncture points based on the data keyed in by the user which is then stimulated by the infrared light in the Qi-Master.
  2. Graphic Representation: Data transferred from Qi-Master to the smartphone app which creates a graphic display of the energetic status of the user. 
  3. Self Diagnosis: Based on the result and a large database on the server it diagnosis and recommends treatment.
  4. Health Indicator: Gives indication of pathological imbalances and energetic blockages with the help of a smartphone app and provides correlation between measurement and physiological conditions. 
  5. Consult with professional TCM Experts: Community support and network of  Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) professionals.

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