Our advantages and differences.

The advantages of this system:

1. Assessment of the state of CHI is the natural factor-the warm, through effects on certain diagnostic important point, in an easily-accessible location on the tips of the fingers and toes, using as a basis the test AKABANE. This test is known to TCM from the ancient times and has passed the test of time , as the most informative, to assess bioenergy profile of the body. We have developed the rules of assessment of bioenergy at different levels and connected this approach with modern communications technology.

2. Using this technology it is possible to estimate the possibility of the user specific diseases at the earliest stage at the level of bioenergy even before occurrence of the first clinical manifestations. So we really will deal with early disease prevention at the level of bioenergy that has never been done before us. It is of the most priority in modern medicine.

3. Correction of the circulation of CHI is only taking into account individual performance of your test on the basis of the worked-even in antiquity rules for the treatment method of heating Moksa in the function of the feedback with the organism. This excludes the impact of the "not desirable point" and the dose of treatment effect will also be individual in functions "to demand".

4. We produce the address correction of various diseases through harmonization of the body at the level of bioenergy, increasing its capacity to fight various diseases by restoring energy of harmony in it. This is our main ideological difference. Thus in this technology in practice, we have implemented the well-known thesis: "to Treat not a separate disease, and all organism as a whole."

5. When there are multiple test cases in the dynamics of observations on the server in conjunction with the assessment of any concern to you body parameters (for example, blood pressure, the fluctuations of the blood sugar etc) we can provide you additional services: - on the basis of the mathematical analysis to identify which channel (and therefore authority) these violations are related. It will help you to focus activities on harmonization of the body.

6. On the basis of calculation of hidden biorhythms to estimate the time of occurrence of dangerous changes in the body, in order to make preventive treatment or taking medication

7. Additional options can provide an opportunity to: - relief of various pain syndromes by the impact on certain points control and correction of the monthly cycle in women control and correction of body mass index - leveling stress reactions

8. Performance threshold temperature sensitivity strictly certain points on the body reflect the functional activity of various organs and physiological systems, including at the level of their biochemistry. Therefore, through the assessment system it is possible to control the vital signs of an organism by calculation.

9. The impact on the harmonization of energy in the body provides the user with high-tech devices under the control of a server at home in the function of the feedback with the organism, individually several times a day to get the desired effect.

10. The more users in this system-the more accurate the result of diagnostics and treatment, because the system on the server are able to educate themselves on the analysis of a large statistical material. Thus our system and the concept of "family doctor in the cell phone" builds a logical conceptual bridge between the TSM and modern views on human health, which corresponds to the actual complementary medicine.

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