How to make a correction of Chi energy


The notion of energy dipole (fire/water) The organism’s energy base is formed by the channels with a multilevel hierarchy of coordination. The ‘main energy dipole’ is on top of this pyramid, which gives an idea about the activity of Yang and Yin in the organism in the form of specific values. The dipole is calculated as a relation between the activity of FIRE (Yang) channels and those of WATER (Yin), and in norm, when all the points on the channels are open, it is represented by the proportion of the golden cross section of 1.62 or 38% and 62%. To evaluate it, we have to determine total values of all FIRE channels and divide the sum by eight – according to the number of channels considering their two branches. Then we sum up the values of all WATER channels and divide the sum by four. The relation of a number of BAP on the channels gives the golden cross section in the dipole. The fire/water dipole can be calculated by the device software. Two diagrams show the dipole changes in men and women differentially, depending on the age. The two graphs show the change in the activity of the TCM bioenergy Monad (dipole) of the body depending on the age of the choice of 250 men and 250 women. In old age is a violation of the «Golden section» and the alignment of the monad is a 50/50 that is accompanied by inhibition of all body functions. Maximum «heyday» of the organism occurs when there is an imbalance in the dipole, but the proportions of «the Golden section».In both cases, the impact of biorhythms with a period of about 7 years, through which the organism becomes more vulnerable to diseases. Using the factor analysis, and regression we established that the activity of the Monad depends mainly on the channel bladder (Bl), but men can influence only his right branch (Blr), , and women - left branch of this canal (Bll), . Thus, using a patented technique impact on this channel can be maintained bioenergy body and quality of life at the optimal level, even in old age. It is mainly the level of Yin energy, showing a potential reserve of vital energy in the organism, which changes as time goes by. The level of Yang energy usually shows insignificant changes. The dipole will reach the highest level of Yin during puberty, and by the end of life, the relation of poles approaches the proportion of 50/50. In this case, according to the law of unity “unityand conflict of the opposites”, any vital activity gradually comes to a standstill and the organism turns into a static state typical of inorganic nature. Contrary to men, the dipole changes more cyclic in women. In particular, in the period of 38 - 43 years, according to average statistics, essential hormonal changes occur, which correspond to the climacteric

The syndrome of chronic fatigue and a decreased general resistance of the organism are observed most during the period mentioned above. The second average statistical “vulnerable period” in women takes place at about 60. The dipole state is influenced most by the level of WATER channels, though the most essential influence in men is exerted by Bl right and in women by Bl left. In essence, an individual’s longevity depends on these channels filling. It is characteristic that measurements of the dipole activity, when testing with a different intensity of IR-light, will show the same proportions. An individual’s dipole proportion is rather stable in time. Therefore, this value can be successfully used as one of the main criteria for estimating the health status. In the course of treatment, it is necessary to achieve “the proportion of the golden dipole” as this ideal energy proportion in the organism creates its harmony on all levels and will enhance resistance of the organism to sickness.

Dependence of “water” and “fire” channels on the age in women 

12% per year

Bl left = 1.1% per year

Using the dipole evaluation and the left-to-right relations under the test, we have 2 global cross values, enabling an adequate evaluation of the basic energy adjustments in the organism. The determination of the pathology itself is based on evaluating the degree of symmetry-asymmetry in the organism, which also falls in the “golden cross section principle” and characterizes absolute harmony. Thus, for the first time, the organism state is evaluated not to notorious “corridors of standard” but based on the more fundamental laws of the Universe.

Right and left functions

According to the oriental ideology, the right side represents Yin processes and the left side is indicative of Yang processes. Many observations permitted us to confirm this ancient doctrine.

The level of the summarized values of the channel branches on the right side reflects in % the ACCUMULATION of energy, which corresponds to such concepts as

• Assimilation

• Anabolic process

• Yin

• Energy storage

The index level on the left side shows the USE of energy:

• Dissimilation

• Catabolic process

• Yang

• USE of energy

According to our statistics, it is considered normal if the sum of all the right side values adds up to 51-52% of the total sum of indices of all the channel branches. Total left indices should be equal to the remaining 48%. Thus, normal assimilation processes should slightly dominate over the dissimilation processes. In this case, weight and body mass index do not increase in due course. This index in norm is very stable. In spite of considerable changes of some channels under the influence of different vital factors, the total figure is balanced out due to other branches. Therein lies one of the paradoxes of the test. If, against the background of normal values and absence of a pronounced pathology, an essential shift of the balance (more than 10%) is observed, it is indicative of technical errors in the test. Given the pronounced pathology, the organism reserve abilities become insufficient to balance the process out. Only then will this total value fall outside the scope of ±10%. Given an excessive weight, the right values increase proportionally to the accumulation of energy. In contrast, given a deficient body mass, thyrotoxicosis etc., the left side increases proportionally to the degree of their intensity. In this manner, based on the test fast evaluation of the level and peculiarities of the energy exchange becomes possible, which is difficult to achieve with the help of other methods. This principle, and the values themselves, are particularly important when checking the efficiency of treatment of excessive body weight through the MERID device. Direct reflection of the pathology через оценку асимметрии . The role of symmetry and dissymmetry in the body. The performance of our test have reliable correlation with the major physiological and biochemical parameters of the organism. Consequently, they reflect the work of individual organs and body systems. Any acute or chronic disease leads to changes in the main parameters of functioning of the body, and therefore change the profile of its test. Each of the 12 main channels consists of left and right branches of activity that we are measuring device at the tips of the fingers and toes. The changes caused by the presence of the disease primarily associated with the growing asymmetry between right and left branches of the same channel. All the living is always asymmetrically, not living nature-symmetric. However, in a healthy organism asymmetry usually does not exceed 15-20% and is mainly associated with excessive luxuries: excessive food, sex, physical activity, etc. So frequent excesses rock the body and at some point there are functional failures of organs and systems. But they are usually temporary and reversible. However, if they continue to accumulate and the level of asymmetry in the channel exceeds 38% (it is the ratio of the Golden section = 1,62), usually in the presence of the frequent recurrence of such a situation, it is possible to ascertain the presence of a pathological process at the level of a specific organ or physiological systems, as in the body of disturbed the harmony of Energy Chi. Thus the preservation of the "Golden proportions" energy of Chi is the basis for maintaining good health in your body. As all 12 channels according TCM log in "Five elements", the imbalance in one channel is reflected through its communication on adjacent channels. For example, pathology of lungs leads to damage of the kidneys and colon. Liver disease causes damage to the pancreas and gall bladder, etc. in a circle of energy circulation in the body. So developing for chronic co-morbidity. Contrary to other diagnostic systems using the principle of estimating the corridor of the norm, Merid allows defining pathology on the basis of more fundamental properties of the matter, in particular by estimating the degree of symmetry-asymmetry in the values of pair branches of the channels. Inorganic nature is symmetrical, and crystal is a classical example of it. Every living thing is asymmetrical, but according to our observations, the degree of asymmetry should not disturb the proportion of the golden cross section by a factor of 1.62 (38% and 62%). Energy pathology will be shown by an imbalance between the left and right branches of the channels. Stable discord at the level of bioenergetics at first entails functional and then organic changes in those organs and systems, with which the given channel is connected. When testing the channels, and especially when conducting high power testing, a considerable asymmetry of the values is observed. It occurs due to the fact that with a small number of testing pulses small changes get lost. If you repeat the test after a while at a lower radiation level, you will get a more pronounced asymmetry. By this means, changes in the power of pulses can be used as changes in the degree of magnification in a microscope, through which you examine pathology. The lower the power of pulses, the more accurate the diagnosis. But the price of it will be an extended period of time spent on testing.

On the whole, when estimating pathology, the following reference differences in the symmetry of the branches are of significance:

• 10% to 20%: normal physiological process

• 20% to 35%: functional disturbances

• 35% and more: organic pathology

In this case, in the process of a test influence, the asymmetry does not change or, on the contrary, increases. Important exceptions are connected with the functional and sexual asymmetry:

• Normal Lu right should be higher than Lu left (Lu right shows the degree of saturation of tissues with oxygen. Oxygen reserve in norm should always exceed its consumption).

• The asymmetry of the branches of the channel Bl by 30%-50%, which reflects sexual hormone differences should be in norm at a childbearing age.

For men Bl left > Bl right

For women Bl right > Bl left.

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