Control of Chi energy and Chakras in Yoga

From biophysics it is know that physical and mental processes are closely linked. A continuing flow of information between organs ensures that we can react rapidly to events inside an outside our body. On the other hand, our emotions and ideas are important sources of information for the entire organism. This vast flow of information can be made visible in various ways. In Western medicine, physical phenomena such as hormone glands, blood values and nerve signals are examined. These phenomena are available for objective, reliable and reproducible measurements, and have become the norm for medical interpretation. In oriental medicine, much more attention is given to the energetic aspects, as disturbances in the energetic information flow can cause illness, either directly or gradually (depending on the nature of the disturbance). Using the Chi master, the status of this energetic information flow can be examined by means of measuring specific points on the body. From a scientific point of view, traditional oriental diagnostic is considered ‘intangible’, and measurements of the energetic system are not considered as reliable and objective - even when a therapist can reproduce the values. The Chi master will change that.

How Chakr energy is measured.

Unlike acupunctural channels, chakrs have no clear-cut anatomical spots for measurement. However, they have a certain space localization in organism near certain organs and skeleton bones. Based on this we suppose that for quantative evaluation of the Chakrs’ activity it is possible to use topographical wrist areas – a practice used in SuJok therapy. To prove this theory we have tested 7 chakrs by their localization scheme along with simultaneous testing of the 12 main channels on a group of 40 testees. The results of correlation and regressional analysis have shown that 5 first chakrs have direct links with organs (and their respective channels) located near the localization area of each chakr. From that we have concluded that chakrs in its essence are integral, virtual elements of a much higher level than channels. This testing allows to determine the chakrs’ energy disbalance by measuring symmetry disorder between its left and right parts. Due to the fact that each chakr is connected to certain channels, in case of energy disbalance it is possible to harmonize it through harmonization of energy in its channels. As to chakrs 6 and 7, principal correlations points to their connection to the lungs’ channel (responsible for sad disposition) and pericardial and heart channels which directly reflect mental and emotional state. Thus, for instance for a quick check of functional condition of the organism it is easier to firstly measure chakrs on the palms and, in case of disbalance, to check respective channels for subsequent correction. Doing this will harmonize chakrs’ condition. So, this method, based on new principles, will effectively control and treat both somatic and psychosomatic diseases.

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