Correction of the hormonal cycle in women

Estimation of hormonal profile helps to control menstrual cycle for women and, in case of a disbalance, correct it by stimulating individually pinpointed spots. It is also possible to control men’s sexual hormonal profile and make correction, say, for potency stimulation….

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Sexual hormonal profile is basicly formed by the bladder channel, which is the biggest by number of spots (67) and the longest (it is stretched from superciliary arches down the spine to toes). This channel, being sort of a biorhythms manager in organism, is connected to all other channels. Its big effect on all process can be seen on correlation matrix with other channels if we align them according to Five Pre-Elements structure.

It is obvious, that this channel is the source of all negative correlation links to all other channels. Its Yang activity is slowed by the Yin energy, especially in the FIRE Pre-Element, which is connected to cardiovascular system. This suppressive influence is weakened with ageing. As a result the dipole gets disbalanced and grows the risk of tachycardia, heart attacks, high arterial tension and other dangerous afflictions. Interaction with other channels is fulfilled through spots located along the full length of the spine on its both sides. This channel also controls the condition of the spine.

Asymmetry of the right and left branches of the V bladder channel by 30-50% is normal for the young age. This asymmetry reflects sexual hormonal differences. Besides, high parameters of the test are typical for example for pregnant women. Such high parameters especially in young age are the result of the fact that all spots on the channel are “open”, and the channel accumulates much Yin energy, which will be drying up with ageing. There is no need to fight this process. The more Yin energy is accumulated the more enduring the organism and the longer lifetime is. But the energy should be equally distributed in the two branches.

For men (the Yang type) it is typical that Vs (the left branch) > Vd (the right branch). The left side is Yang, the right one is Yin. This ratio marks sexual activity and a high libido. If the right branch dominates over the left one, it marks a low libido, which may with age lead to adenoma of the prostate with sharp asymmetry of the test parameters (when the right branch dominates over the left twofold and more). If the right branch is constantly dominant over the left one, it may lead to hyperirritability or a nervous breakdown – the condition marked in test by disbalance of the bladder channel (VB) which controls the nervous system (balance between its sympathetic and parasympathetic parts). In case of such a disbalance shown by the test, it is possible to reduce the asymmetry by stimulating certain spots, regulating the disbalance.

For women (the Yin type) it is typical that Vd > Vs, especially in the middle of the menstruation cycle. But closer to the beginning of menses the situation takes a U-turn and the woman’s hormonal profile comes closer to the man’s type. Thus, by following the level and dynamics of these parameters we can control the hormonal profile and, in case of a disbalance, make corrections of both the field and the whole cycle by target stimulation of V. Permanent domination of the right branch over the left one (manifold at times) is characteristic fibromioma. On the opposite, permanent high asymmetry in favor of the left branch is typical for metrorrhagia.

Thus, the testing helps to control a mensal cycle. Stimulation of two certain spots on the legs (depending on the side) makes it possible to correct the cycle duration and remove menstrual delays. For successful impregnation a woman should have a positive hormonal profile, especially in the middle of the cycle, which equals not less than 15-20 impulses by the test. Having 10 or less impulses usually indicates that impregnation is impossible. In this case for heightening hormonal level in blood, it is needed to create proper conditions through the BL channel. It is mainly achieved through stimulation of the stomach and large intestine channels, which pass the energy on to the BL channel. The stimulation should be individually picked according to the test results. The more food is taken the bigger is shift to the right side of the stomach channel and rise of its parameters. The peak of kidney channel parameters will come at the end of the cycle in 1-1,5 hours after the meal.

According to our observations it reflects the level of Chi energy in kidneys, which transforms into enlargement of the kidney fatty tissue. At the same time a reserve of quickly expendable energy accumulates in fatty cellular tissue around the kidneys. In case of shortage of the tissue there is a risk of falling of kidneys (nephroptosis), mainly typical of young women who overindulge in starvation dieting that leads to low BMI. If the reserve of fatty tissue around the kidneys is permanently high (the right kidney channel branch is bigger than the left one), it leads to accumulation of fatty tissue in the anterior abdominal wall and other organs, which is indicated by BMI growth and simultaneous rise of aggregate parameter of the right branches by more than 55%. At present, due to the growing prosperity of population, malnutrition (when the stomach channel expenses exceed its consumption) is a rarity.

So, normally the right branch of the stomach channel dominates over the left one. Such an excessive one-sided food satiation has a negative effect, especially for men, since it reduces sexual energy on the left branch of the Bladder channel (Vs) through destructive links (rise of the right branch channel through destructive links leads to suppression of the left channel through every next pre-element). At the same time rise of parameters of the stomach channel stimulates desire for sexual activity, which is confirmed by correlation analysis. It indicates the truth of the proverbial “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. But desire is one thing while real activity is quite another. The men who periodically go on a starvation diet or keep a fast have higher sexual energy and are less subject to prostatic adenoma. The test also allows to select both assortment and quantity of products. In both cases a control after-meal test (taken not less than 20-30 minutes after eating) measures the system balance. In the same manner it allows to determine optimal individual alcohol dosage. Exceeding of the optimal limit usually leads to a disbalance through the gall bladder and liver channel, as well as pericardial channel - an indication of a harmful effect on the heart.

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