Control and correction of men sexual activity

Role of the bladder channel

Channel Bl deserves rapt attention due to its participation in monitoring the sex hormonal background. Usually, in sexually active Yang-men, Bl left is higher than Bl right. Quite the reverse, the right branch increase is indicative of low sexual activity of a man and its very high asymmetry with the dominating right half is typical of prostate adenoma.

For men (the Yang type) it is typical that Vs (the left branch) > Vd (the right branch). The left side is Yang, the right one is Yin. This ratio marks sexual activity and a high libido. If the right branch dominates over the left one, it marks a low libido, which may with age lead to adenoma of the prostate with sharp asymmetry of the test parameters (when the right branch dominates over the left twofold and more). If the right branch is constantly dominant over the left one, it may lead to hyperirritability or a nervous breakdown – the condition marked in test by disbalance of the bladder channel (VB) which controls the nervous system (balance between its sympathetic and parasympathetic parts). In case of such a disbalance shown by the test, it is possible to reduce the asymmetry by stimulating certain spots, regulating the disbalance.

The indicator "sex desire" was evaluated in 114 of the subjects on the basis of the questionnaire on a scale of Robson at the moment. Of course, it was the subjective factor of the evaluation. However, the number of channels in the regression model had a significant impact on the data rate. In the first place on the reliability of ties came out of the right branch channel triple heater TRr + (p=0.01). Then the left branch of the stomach channel El and Pl light. Therefore, high levels of these channels enhances the desire of sexual intimacy. Conversely, hypofunction of the indicators of the right branch of the liver channel Fr, the right branch canal of the stomach Er and the left branch canal of the small intestine Igl on the test reflects a reduction in sexual activity and his desire and have a negative sign in the model. Thus in this model we have 2 scales with two opposite vectors, which make it possible to assess activity in this area of our patients and the desire - to do an address correction. This model also confirms the folk wisdom that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach". However, here the left and right branch of the stomach channel have opposite vectors of influence. Indicators of the right branch increases in proportion to the amount of food eaten - and then sex desire disappears. There is a certain paradox - don't overeat! Sexually active man should be moderately hungry!

         In general, our history in the field of libido research began in 1990. Then the system of stimulation of libido was developed through the effects of IR modulated radiation on certain points of the auricle. In this case, the equivalent of orgasm was obtained in both men and women. Further development of this technology occurred after a meeting with Beate Uhse in Germany in 1997. This well-known woman was very interested in our research in this field and we received support from this concern. The photo shows these historical moments of the meeting and signing of the agreement.

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