Early diagnosis of diseases

According to the Eastern healthcare concept ”healthy Chi energy and its harmonious balance make a sound foundation for a healthy body and soul ”. Our device is the first one that helps measure Chi balance of separate organs and systems and, thus, detect formation of a pathology at the earliest bio-energetic stage. To form such a measurement account it is needed to make several tests in dynamics and pass the results to the server. Then we process the results and make an average figure to further develop an individual profile which is collated with the standard for each disease on the server. A matching would give us a reason to suspect the onset of a disease. But, since the onset is revealed only at bio-energetic level, its progress is easier to abort by stimulating certain channels, and, thus, harmonizing Chi circulation in the organism.


How to carry out diagnostics of infringements.

The user makes some tests in the dynamics of observations on which to the average profile of this person in 24 dimensions. These 24 indicators are Fibonacci numbers, in which all numbers between a tightly interconnected and change one number, as in a kaleidoscope, leads to the change of all others. The result is averaged measurements in humans appears 24 digit unique code that is similar to its unique fingerprint that characterizes the work of its major organs and physiological systems of a specific person. So on Fig.3 shows the comparative profiles of standards and the average profile for sick of a diabetes of the second type, between which there is a significant difference. If a new user profile will repeat this diabetic profile - then there are all reasons to think about the appropriate diagnosis.

How this system can perform early diagnostics?

To do this, the user makes a number of tests in the dynamics of the observations on which our server is built averaged profile. Each profile represents 24 digit unique code. This profile is compared with the library of profiles of various diagnoses in their coincidence. Thus, the user receives a notification about the possibility of developing this disease. In addition, distinguished individual channels to prevent the development of this disease.

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