Treatment for cold

In the presence of the first signs of a cold proven urgent therapy to relieve by warming up Moxa specific areas on the hands. This treatment gives a quick answer. In return Moxa we use our device in a mode of Treatment with warming points IR radiation. For guidance on the corresponding zones on the hands of certain areas of the respiratory system, you can use this scheme. This way you can reduce the manifestation of runny nose, headaches, cough, and promote the sputum.

1.When the presence of pain associated with inflammation in different parts of the respiratory system are determined by the individual point of a projection of these lesions on the palms. To do this, by pressing the protruding end of the tail of the device is the most painful point, which would mean a projection of pain focus on the Palmar surface of the brush.

2. If painful areas not identified-it means that the disease is still in the initial stage. In this case, a preventive impact on the areas corresponding to the predominant lesions of the lungs, nose, forehead, etc.

3. Next, the device into the mode of treatment (usually at radiation power at 70% and the frequency of exposure 28 Hz). The impact produced by tapping the selected point working emitter within 3-4 minutes. Not to get burn - you must move the emitter in a circle around a painful point. You can individually select the radiation power. This should not receive the pain, and only a pleasant warmth. When pain in the point of impact or directly in the source of the pain effects on the body should be interrupted. You can make repeated exposure through 3-5 minutes. The intensity of pain in the focus on the body should decrease usually after 2-3 minutes.

4. If there tracheae and sinusitis good use of warming up of these zones. Similarly warm corresponding zones, according to the scheme in the treatment of bronchitis and inflammation in the lungs. Warming also contributes to the discharge of phlegm.

5. When there are first signs of a cold, you should warm up area of conformity on the palms and feet.

6. In any case, especially when expressed pathology, which is accompanied by inflammation, it is recommended to make test standard, in order to identify possible complications of the other organs of -the kidney, colon, cardio vascular system. The presence of such complications can be identified by a pronounced symmetry breaking in the relevant channels. Treatment is carried out by affecting certain point, based on your test.

7. In the presence of inflammatory process - his marker is the emergence of asymmetry in the channel of the pancreas (SP) - measure of the right branch exceeds the index of left more than 30%. In this case, medical influence is carried out on the channel right on points which are calculated after the control measurement. Warming up these two points gives a pronounced effect on any inflammation.

Spleen 2

Tonification point 2 is situated on the innerside of the foot, on the transition of red and white skin, against the under bonecorner of the big toe joint.


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