New theory of acupunctural channels

In spite of the high level of development of contemporary medicine and biology, they still contain a lot of ‘blank spots’, i.e. unsolved problems and mysteries. For example, the results of the latest research reveal an enormous gap between the limited information capacity of the body’s gametal cells and an immense amount of information, necessary to ensure the transformation of the foetus into a grown-up person. In other words, gametes are in no way capable of storing the information ‘hologram’ of an adult. So, where does the huge amount of the missing information come from? How does it get into the cell?
Let’s take another strange phenomenon, which is a fantastic accuracy of successive genetic information transfer from parents to children across the generations. As one of the results of this phenomenon, in some cases, the genotype remains intact for hundreds of millions of years, thus manifesting a remarkable stability, in spite of its complexity. Where is the fantastically accurate system that controls this process?
What is life and how is it supported? What’s the difference between the living matter and the dead one? What’s the driving force of the evolution of species and what’s the secret of some specious fantastic stability in comparison with the others, in spite of all the careful efforts to carry out artificial selection?
There is no explanation of the striking cases of accurate future forecasts, or of telepathic communication between people who are physically thousand miles apart from one another.
To our way of thinking, only the new theory of the DNA and torsion fields’ energy-informational interrelation through the acupunctural channels enables scientists to solve a number of difficult problems, which are extremely important for contemporary biology and medicine.


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