Two concepts of health

Now in the world there are 2 General paradigms of health: Western - formed mainly in the 16th century and East and have any more than 2 thousand years ago. The basis of Oriental paradigm: a Healthy energy Chi promotes health of body and spirit. But how to measure and evaluate the power of CHI quantitatively?

However, the Western concept focuses on maintaining optimal borders of the state of basic physiological and biochemical parameters of the organism as a true token functional adequacy in the various organs and physiological systems. These indicators are easy to check now using various biochemical tests and special devices, for control blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. The Eastern concept at its core is based on the evaluation of specific state of CHI energy in the energy acupuncture channels. However, CHI equivalent activity of various organs and systems, and the acupuncture channels form the relationships between them.  However, this concept in its evaluation criteria more vague, so as to verify the correctness of the balance of CHI energy in a particular body is possible only with the help of pulse diagnostics experienced specialists TCM. This valuation rules were formed only at an intuitive level.

Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of people around the world are supporters of TCM and form their right CHI energy through Yoga, Fen-Shu, various meditations , point massage, etc. But they lack simple and easy control, which would have allowed to realistically assess the balance of CHI in the body.

The mission of the device "Chimaster"- he builds a conceptual bridge between these two concepts and allows to control the optimal condition you body at the level of bioenergy

1. According to Chinese medicine the primary cause of any problem in the body is the circulation of Qi energy and its improper distribution at the level of individual organs. Occurs either its lack or excess in certain organs or systems, and forms the beginning of the occurrence of various diseases.

2. From the point of view of modern physiology - the energy of ChI can be imagined as the functional activity of certain organs, which is based on certain rules and sequences in time that TCM is explained from the point of view of the theory of the 5 elements and acupuncture channels.. Ancient medicine says there on the body 640 of the main biologically active "antique" points, the impact of which we can control the flow of internal energy (the activity of certain organs by the method of reflexology, in modern parlance). However, in order to form a correct flow of ChI in the body and create a harmonious interaction of various organs which is disturbed in the course of the disease is its need to measure and quantify on an individual level, then on this basis to make the desired impact.

3. For 25 years we actively were engaged in creation of devices for such quantitative evaluation on the basis of known since antiquity the AKABANE test. The use of this now little-known methods gave significant correlations with various physiological and biochemical parameters of the organism, and consequently, it really reflects its basic life processes at the level of activity of certain organs and body systems.

4. Along with the assessment of the ChI technology was developed for the correction of her condition through exposure to heat to a certain, individually calculated point. At the same time, through building and processing databases for hundreds of patients with various pathologies have been developed basic criteria to assess the level of harmony in the body and the rules for its formation by acting on certain points.

5. Through building conceptual bridges through the use of Metrology in the energy balance evaluation and mathematical modeling - this technology is clear both in the West and the East. On this basis, we released more than 10 versions of the devices, which were mainly intended for physicians, having knowledge of TCI. However, the modern development of IT technology has enabled us to take a new step towards the mass individual device Is ChiMaster!

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