ChiMaster is a simple handheld device that will track and correct the condition of your bio-energy at any desired point to create a harmony in the soul and the body. This is a kind of harmonization and organizer allows to optimize the style of life and prevent the development of diseases, control individual selection of food, sexual and physical loads and emotional balance. “Chi Master” is a new principal practical implementation of the Eastern paradigm. For the first time, “Meridian Health" company is happy to introduce you our new device (Chi-Master). Work on creation of this new product we have had for 20 years, step by step perfecting the instruments and the methods of evaluation of the balance of CHI, General diagnosis and treatment. During this time, examination and treatment by our techniques were thousands of patients in different countries, and on the basis of large statistical studies were established rules quantitative assessment of the balance of CHI in the body on the basis of real metrological measurements. Was established the General concept of remote monitoring and appeared this unit suitable for the market. 

The ChiMaster is a revolutionary new acupuncture device for miniature diagnostic and treatment through stimulating acupuncture points by means of a special infrared diode. It allows for a fast and easy way to assess individual energy status of any user and gives a clear indication of energy blockages and pathological imbalances. This unique system for diagnosis and treatment is based on the traditional principles of the Akabane test (traditional acupuncture TCM), which has stood the test of centuries of time and thus has proven its effectiveness. We obtained convincing evidence that this system of monitoring and correction of the state really works. With this device you within 3-5 minutes can assess their Chi energy status, including at the level of individual organs and physiological systems. In case of imbalance energy this device can make correction.



RM-07 is a new portable professional device with a large colour screen, designed for physicians. It has an automatic charger, clock for timestamps of the tests, non-volatile memory for 20 measurements. RM07 calculates points for treatment and display their topography on screen. It makes diagnosis and treatment using chakras, diagnosis and treatment of emergency conditions on SU-JOK system . It can be used as individual monitoring system for health condition. Device support PC communication via USB or Bluetooth port.​ Supplied PC program Energoscop creates and process databases that builds individual and group models of bioenergy and makes forecasting. 



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