Control and correction of body weight

       Right and left functions

According to the oriental ideology, the right side represents Yin processes and the left side is indicative of Yang processes. Many observations permitted us to confirm this ancient doctrine.

The level of the summarized values of the channel branches on the right side reflects in % the ACCUMULATION of energy, which corresponds to such concepts as

  • Assimilation
  • Anabolic process
  • Yin
  • Energy storage

The index level on the left side shows the USE of energy:

  • Dissimilation
  • Catabolic process
  • Yang
  • USE of energy

According to our statistics, it is considered normal if the sum of all the right side on the test values adds up to 51-52% of the total sum of indices of all the channel branches.

Total left indices should be equal to the remaining 48%. Thus, normal assimilation processes should slightly dominate over the dissimilation processes. In this case, weight and body mass index do not increase in due course. This index in norm is very stable. In spite of considerable changes of some channels under the influence of different vital factors, the total figure is balanced out due to other branches. Therein lies one of the paradoxes of the test. If, against the background of normal values and absence of a pronounced pathology, an essential shift of the balance (more than 10%) is observed, it is indicative of technical errors in the test. Given the pronounced pathology, the organism reserve abilities become insufficient to balance the process out. Only then will this total value fall outside the scope of ±10%. Given an excessive weight, the right values increase proportionally to the accumulation of energy. In contrast, given a deficient body mass, thyrotoxicosis etc., the left side increases proportionally to the degree of their intensity. In this manner, based on the test fast evaluation of the level and peculiarities of the energy exchange becomes possible, which is difficult to achieve with the help of other methods. This principle, and the values themselves, are particularly important when checking the efficiency of treatment of excessive body weight through the our device.

The test results will help you control your energy balance at ratio energy reserve/energy expense at any moment. An excessive energy accumulation will inevitably lead to BMI growth. The test will show which organs and systems have provoked the accumulation in order to launch the correction process.

 By way of thermo therapy stimulation of certain spots on the right side of the channels you can even out the general balance and restore harmony in the organism.

Excessive weight pathology model In addition, if you regularly control your weight and make tests, you can construct an individual model of your energy balance via regressive analysis in dynamics. The model will show which channel, coefficient and sign (+ or -) will increase or decrease your weight. So, stimulation of these exact channels will most effectively impact on the weight.

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